Traffic Violations


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Traffic Violations

Despite seeming of little consequence, traffic citations and DMV issues can be complicated with substantial impact. Whether it’s increased fines, insurance premium hikes, or suspensions of one’s license, it’s important that anyone cited in North Carolina know his or her options and rights.

The attorneys at McCartan Law understand the gravity of even the lowest-end infraction and represent our traffic clients with the same zealous attitude we do for those charged with more serious offenses. And in many circumstances, North Carolina traffic law affords attorneys to represent people without forcing them to appear in court.

The DMV and the North Carolina General Statutes allocate points for certain types of offenses; for example, speeding, red lights, reckless driving, or racing. These points are NOT necessarily commensurate with insurance points for the same offense. The attorneys at McCartan Law operate with the driver’s total picture in mind, working through a progression in our representation: where possible, keep the driver on the road… minimize criminal liability… minimize insurance points… mitigate DMV points… and, reducing fines.
There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with the charging officer’s charge. Police and Troopers are people, too, and not all infractions alleged are necessarily correct. However, our traffic attorneys will tell all who will listen prior to being cited: be polite and cooperative when interacting with law enforcement, as it generally makes a just outcome more likely. McCartan Law deals with traffic citations on a daily basis IN the courtroom, and we’re typically most able to negotiate appropriately when those we represent are respectful.
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